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Why the Brotherhood of Steel is Evil

This video takes the viewpoint that the Brotherhood of Steel (BoS) are a Bad Guy faction in Fallout 4.


Before you get your panties in bunch about what's discussed in the video, you need to know that while the BoS’ view of the “perfect human specimen” is similar to the idea of the “perfect Aryan race” used by those who believe in a Master Race, many throughout history have believed in a Master Race besides the Nazis (who aren't mentioned in the video, but might come to mind while you're watching it).

The guy who made the video criticizes the BoS and their belief in Human Exceptionalism, in Fallout 4's fake fantasy world, because elevating one race/species/group above another due to their inherent “betterness” paves the way for all sorts of atrocities. We’ve learned this with human history, and we see it in action with the BoS. Yes, most super mutants, ghouls, and synths are worth destroying. But we must recognize that some are not. If we obliterate all for the sake of a Master Race ideology, we are killing innocents, which by definition is evil.

This video has some end-game spoilers so if you haven't finished the major plot of Fallout 4, you'd be better off finishing that plotline first as what's presented here will probably color your view of the BoS!

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