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Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Video Series Continues With Charisma

How To Win Friends And Influence People...Mutants...and Animals In Fallout 4....

The fourth video in Bethesda's humorous video series, this time on the topic of Charisma, starts like this..."Unlike the clean, wholesome America you may recall, the wasteland will be a distrustful place full of unsavoury characters and few morals."


Charisma is the attribute to max out for those who don't want their character to rely on brute strength, endurance and perception; i.e. those who like to talk their way out of a situation.

And, since you can romance you companions (let's leave Dogmeat out of that discussion!), having a high Charisma probably means you're more likely to ummm...get on well...with your companion.

Charisma will continue to function in a similar way to how the skill has been used in earlier games. A high Charisma score means you get better deals whenever buying or selling to merchants. The attribute also plays a role in gaining information or even avoiding combat altogether.

Watch the video below for tips on how to make friends and influence people. As with the other videos in the series, the end flicks through hints of how this attribute will affect the game, suggesting that as well as befriending animals (not in a creepy way) you'll be able have more loyal companions and convince others to do your dirty work.

Now, Everybody, Let's Say It Together..."C" Is For Charisma...


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