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A Christmas Stocking Filler For Fallout Fans

What do you get the Fallout 4 fan in your life for Christmas?


How about this Fallout Worker Bundle! Yeah, it's not specifically Fallout 4 gear, and the G.O.A.T. is from Fallout 3. But if you're going to hand over a Welcome to Vault-Tec Worker Bundle, you're going to need to have a job. No point in giving a perfectly good workshirt to someone who doesn't work (or maybe you can use it to give that special someone a hint!)

This Fallout Worker Bundle has everything you need to stay on top of whatever job you're assigned. First, there's the aforementioned Vault-Tec button-up work shirt with long sleeves and three interchangeable sleeve patches included: Vault Boy, Brotherhood of Steel, and Red Rocket. There's also a Nuka-Cola bottlecap keychain and embroidered trucker hat, a Vault-Boy mug, and a bandana for your own personal Dogmeat. It all comes packaged in a lovely Vault-Tec box.

Product Specifications

  • Fallout Worker Bundle
  • Officially-licensed Fallout 4 merchandise
  • Includes Vault-Tec work shirt with Vault Boy, Brotherhood of Steel, and Red Rocket sleeve patches
  • Includes a Nuka-Cola bottlecap keychain
  • Includes a Nuka-Cola embroidered trucker hat
  • Vault-Boy mug
  • A bandana for your very own Dogmeat
  • Packaged in a black and white Vault-Tec box

So how much is this geeky goodness going to set you back? Just $59.99. ๐Ÿ™‚

Click Here To Get The Fallout Worker Bundle

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