Seeing The Commonwealth Through Puppy Eyes

You enjoy being a human, right? Running around the Commonwealth popping caps in anything that seems remotely unfriendly. And maybe to pass the lonely hours, you have man's best friend as a companion. No not the Cryolator, a souped-up mini-gun or a kitted out plasma rifle that gooifies more targets than it takes down with ballistic projectiles. No, man's best friend before the world went to hell in handbasket - a dog. A specific dog: Dogmeat.


Ever wondered what the post-apocalyptic world looks like through his eyes? Well now you can with the latest Fallout 4 mod. You can experience the world as a dog and see it through doggy eyes. You can't hold a gun though 'cos dogs, like...don't have hands. Fallout 4 isn't really set up for playing it as an animal though this mod bypasses those restrictions.

Be The Dog – Playable Dogs is the name of the mod. Now, as you might expect, there are some restrictions on how you play the game. You can only equip dog armor for example and as I already mentioned, you can't use weapons. What you do get to use are a variety of bite attacks. You can run at a target and bit them or jump on them and bite them.

You're not restricted to playing Dogmeat though. You can be all cutesy and play as a puppy though you probably will literally get eaten for breakfast or you can play a feral dog. There's probably a few other doggy variations in the mod too.

Interestingly, you can form your own mini-pack. can recruit Dogmeat as a companion. So there's Dogmeat and you as Doppleganger Dogmeat. Good twin, bad twin sorta thing.

The mod has proven to be very popular but has some gameplay issues. You can't access the Pip-Boy when in first-person view so you have to change camera to 3rd-person view for that. The game also crashes when the mod is being used during the opening scene of the game where the player touches his/her baby and interacting with their spouse. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "dogging".

But playing as a dog is great fun nonetheless.

The mod is available from the NexusMods site. Make sure you read the installation instructions there though. Here's some gameplay showing the mod in action:


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