New Game Footage: Fallout 4’s “Big Leagues” Perk In Action

How To Have A Smashing Time In Fallout 4! 🙂

To celebrate the start of the baseball World Series last night, Bethesda released a short, 15-second-long baseball-themed Fallout 4 gameplay clip.


The video shows off Fallout 4's "Big Leagues" perk, which allows players to do double damage with a melee weapon, like the beefed up baseball bats in the video below.

Two baseball bats are featured in the video - one with embedded nails and another wrapped in barbed wire. Both are disturbingly and lethally effective.

The perk offers a chance to hit a "grand slam," which means removing your enemy's head clean off. This isn't a neat decapitation but a grisly splatterfest. The video also provides a look at the post-apocalyptic version of Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.

This second video analyses what's revealed in the first video, scouring it for clues about what we can expect to see in the actual Fallout 4 game...


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