New Fallout 4 Glitch Gives 100K XP Every 5 Minutes!

Here's a new glitch in Fallout 4 that allows you to build up an obscene amount of XP in little or no time. The only problem is that it only works in Fallout 4's recent DLS - Automatron. The video below shows the process that lets you get 100,000 XP every 5 minutes.


Here's the quick text description of how to do it:

Step 1: Go to any settlement, preferably one that's not in use, and build a robot workshop. This glitch requires a companion, so be sure to bring one along.

Step 2: Enter the workshop and build a fancy new robot. Once complete, replace the default "Protectron Torso" with an "Assaultron Torso" and exit the workshop.

Step 3: Call over the companion and have them get as close as possible to the robot workbench. Here comes the tricky part: you need to quickly talk to your companion and choose the trade option that appears in the sub-menu, however before it appears, you need to select your robot workbench (try backing away a bit if you're having trouble).

Step 4: If everything has been successful so far, then you'll notice that the trade menu has appeared behind the robot workshop dialog box. From that point, use the D-pad to navigate to the Torso option and select A or X, depending on your platform, and apply the "No Torso" Mod.

Step 5: Keep hitting this button as long as you want, as every button press grants you XP. If you want the thrill of seeing the XP bar filling up, you can certainly do so by backing out of the menu and robot workbench entirely.

After Step 3, the process is pretty easy. Since the glitch exploit has been posted on YouTube, Bethesda almost certainly know it exists and it will get plugged at some point. So enjoy your free XP while you can!



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