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The Good, Evil, And Best Endings to Fallout 4’s Far Harbor

Are morals subjective or do they have some objective existence? One of the goals of the Far Harbor DLC seems to be to give players an uneasy feeling and make them feel morally gray.

So in a video game like Fallout 4, do you play a morally challenged character, one you would never dream of being in the real world? After all, the Fallout 4 environment is one where the morally ambiguous survive. It's kill or be killed.

Even if you see the real world as a dog-eat-dog world where you constantly have to fight your corner and redress perceived or real slights, is your Fallout 4 character what would in the real world be seen as nothing more than a serial killer? The only place a flower-power, hippy, nice-guy, love-everyone-you-meet character is going in this game, is to the cemetery. And fast.

So are morals a luxury accorded to those who have the opportunity to act one way or another? Are morals a hindrance to survival if you gotta do what you've gotta do to survive? In a world like Fallout 4, do morals as ew understand them shorten your character's life?

So, in that vein, this video looks at the good and evil ways you can finish Far Harbor and which are the best endings...

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