Fallout Fan Creates Fallout Version of Monopoly

Tired of Replaying Fallout 3/New Vegas? Play Fallout Monopoly Instead!...

While waiting around for Fallout 4 to appear, one fan put the time to use by creating his own Monopoly board game that pays homage to the wonderful world of Wasteland.


that fan is Redditor KongoBoom and his version of the game includes Wasteland property and Lockpick cards which replace the regular Community Chest cards whereas Luck replaces the Chance cards.

Players start out at Camp Searchlight and Vault 22 and head off to locations like Hidden Valley, Fireside and The Strip.

The game also allows players to purchase the NCR Monorail properties.

Some Fallout Monopoly CardsSome Example Fallout Monopoly Cards (Image credit: KongoBoom | Imgur)

KongoBoom uploaded his images of Fallout Monopoly to Imgur, sharing photos of property cards that have shacks and casinos replacing the traditional houses and hotels...

Fallout Monopoly Property CardsFallout Monopoly Property Cards

There have been some rumors floating about that an official Fallout Monopoly game will eventually make an appearance. Keep your eye on GameStop - while not confirmed, there's a rumor that the game might be available for pre-order in October!

Failing that, Fallout 4 itself will be available on November 10th.

All images from Imgur.


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