Fallout 4 Mod Creation Kit Coming Soon

Now, maybe you've seen and done all there is to do in Fallout 4 as it stands. And all that's left now is to drum your fingers and impatiently wait for the expansion packs and the unavoidable influx of mods which rely on the official modding tools, which Bethesda hasn't launched yet.


It seems longer but it's only been 3 months since Fallout 4's launch in November 2015. And, at long last, Bethesda is nearly about ready to talk about Fallout 4's Mod Creation Kit. You might remember that mods are supposed to work on consoles as well as PCs. One such console owner on Twitter asked when the tools would be available, to which Bethesda responded "we'll be sharing more details soon".

When the Fallout 4 Creation Kit lands, expect a deluge of user created material, just as we saw, and continue to see with Skyrim.

What's new is the introduction of console mods. These are going to have to be vetted by Bethesda, presumably on a case-by-case basis, so if you want your mod on numerous platforms, it's going to take some time. Obviously, if mod developers just want to go ahead and introduce their mods solely on PC, these can go straight up on Nexus Mods and other similar sites.

Will you be trying to attempt creating a Fallout 4 mod? What sort of mods would you want to see?

Some mods I'd like to see (though some of these could appear in DLCs) are:

  • a mod to create your own ammo like you could in earlier Fallout games
  • a mod to create your own guns rather than just being able to upgrade existing guns
  • a mod that makes it easy to manage Settlers so you can see who's allocated to what
  • better settlement building options. You have to use tricks to build really useful building with the current system. I had hoped that as you got better at building structures, more materials would become available or existing structures (houses) could be properly repaired.
  • motorbikes or horses for faster travel

I'm sure you guys have other ideas too...


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